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Reduced Representation Bisulfie Sequencing Data Analysis

I am writing this post to help researchers trying to analyse their own RRBS data. This is non-technical explanation. Just following the steps may help on any ubuntu/linux system. Requirements on the computer: Bowtie (Manual and Source available from here) Human genome... read more

Survival tips for biologists to navigate on linux

As a biologist I noticed that there are few resources that teach programming or linux commands from the biologists view. Here, I try to summarize the basic linux commands needed to navigate the linux folder structure, getting help and other basic tasks. This... read more

Scope of Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing Data

RRBS method explores the methylation status across the genome but at specific locations defined by the MspI recognition sites. These sites are mostly located within CpG Islands. So, how to visulaize the scope of the RRBS data – regions from where we can expect... read more

Methylation Status of CpG Islands Across Human Genome

Researchers are aware that a majority of the CpG islands are unmethylated. How to represent this fact in a graphic?  The above picture created with ggplot2 explains us how the CpG methylation across the CpG Islands is distributed for each chromosome. Each CpG... read more

Starting again!

Hey! I have changed my laptop. Now I have the brand new Acer 4740. It is having the i3 processor 330M, with 1033 MHz FSB (no other model in the market has this much speed as on 16th Mar 2010). I got it with out an OS installed so that I can experiment with the system.... read more

Trying to get away from piracy!

I have finished my PhD now and not doing much work in lab. I thank my boss for not putting any pressure on me regarding lab work. Then what am I doing nowadays? This is the best time for to try and satisfy my long standing wishes- to create website for me, learn linux... read more

Hi! I am Kalyan. I have finished my PhD and am searching for a post-doctoral positon. I wish to be part of an interdisciplinary group working at the interface of molecular biology, cell biology and bioinformatics/computational biology. I prefer a... read more